A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino Finisterre

Welcome to the path to Finisterre – one of the great hidden treasures amongst the many Caminos de Santiago. Only a tiny proportion of pilgrims arriving at Santiago continue on by foot to the ‘End-of-Earth’ Finis-Terra. The way to Finisterre truly follows the road less travelled. It is a uniquely beautiful route, full of the flavours of Galicia and her deliciously authentic culture. The spirit of St. James is alive and flourishing in the deep river valleys and gently rolling hills that make up her Landscape Temple. Come and experience her untamed beauty and the purity of her Light.

Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre

Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre Including the Muxia Extension – by John Brierley

100 pages paperback in full colour including:

  • Overview route planner
  • 5 daily stage maps showing optional routes
  • Map of Cabo Finisterre indicating local walks around the headland
  • 5 Contour guides
  • List of pilgrim hostels and alternative accommodation
  • 5 Town plans
  • Historical notes and places of special interest.

In addition to the physical route there are pointers to:

  • the Mystical path with Inspirational quotations
  • space for Personal reflections.

All this designed to fit easily into your pocket.

First published as A Pilgrim's Guide to Camino Finisterre in 2003 these popular guides are regularly updated. Order the latest edition from publisher Findhorn Press (Online orders benefit from a 20% discount.) or from your local bookshop.

Now bilingual English/Spanish

Finis-terra translates simply as ‘End of the World’ and provides a dramatic focal point for one of the most potent Western Vision Quests in the medieval world. It was here that the material and spiritual worlds met. Beyond the horizon was tir-na-nóg “the land of eternal youth.” Its potency is not lost on the pilgrims that still come here, seeking to reconcile the inner.

This guidebook seeks to find a balance between these worlds by following a practical and mystical path for each stage along the way, endeavouring to pay equal respect to both. It includes notes on the fascinating culture and history of Galicia and a guide to the mythology and the significance of Finisterre as both a modern and ancient pilgrim destination.